Gym Memberships Are Like Appliances

You don't ever, EVER give one as a gift unless it's expressly requested.

Weight: 170 lbs
Razor Status: Dormant
Days Since Last Eyebrow Wax: I lost count
Hubby's Mood: Content

Every woman has the dream of walking out of the hospital after having a baby wearing the clothes she wore before she was pregnant. I know I did. Or even a size or two larger. The reality of it is (much to my dismay after delivering my son) that you're very likely going to be wearing maternity clothes for several weeks, if not months, after you deliver.

My husband signed me up for the gym two weeks ago. Don't worry, I asked him to. For Father's Day I got him a membership at Anytime Fitness. I considered my membership my "push present". He knew I wanted to get back into shape for when I go back to work so that hopefully I can wear some of my bigger size clothes. Aside from wanting my old figure back, I just can't afford to buy new clothes.

I have learned a couple of things since starting at the gym.

1. I was much more out of shape than I ever could have guessed.
2. 20 minutes on the elliptical machine is a long freaking time.
3. I work out much better while listening to Shinedown than I do while watching E! True Hollywood Story.

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