Spice Up Your Day

With your iPhone.

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I was browsing around on Cosmopolitan's website looking for a little inspiration and happened to stumble upon the site MyPleasure. It was here that I learned of a fascinating new app for my iPhone that I just had to download. It of course was purely for research purposes in order to make your visit to my blog more enjoyable.

This fabulous new app is sure to alleviate the boredom of Monday morning meetings, rush hour traffic, dinner with the in-laws or a mundane night in. It's fully customizable and saves the settings when you turn it off so when you turn it on again it's right where you left it. You can even chose your setting and turn your iPhone off to conserve battery power while the app runs.

So what is this mystery app? It's called MyVibe. You read that right and no, it's not a clever name for something more innocent. It's an app that turns your iPhone into a vibrator. Oh yeah, a vibrator. It's just one more reason why you need an iPhone. Can your blackberry bring you this kind of pleasure? I don't think so!

So next time you have a long cab ride, grab your iPhone. At a boring movie, grab your iPhone. Want to spice up your dinner date, grab your iPhone.

Just don't lend it to me when you're done!

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  1. I am equal parts shocked and complacent. Of COURSE someone was going to come up with something like this, but still . . . WOW. Would it be wrong to buy an iPhone just for this app? Of course, I could just buy a vibrator, but this sounds so cute.


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