Sports Bras Have a Place

And it's not under your regular clothes.

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I didn't nurse either of my kids. Save your lecture. As many may know (and even more may not know) whether you decide to nurse or not, your milk comes in. And waiting for it to stop is a long, painful process.

There is a reason women used to bind their chests with strips of fabric back in the day. It's the only thing that will make your boobs feel better. In case you're not familiar with what happens, I will explain.

Within a few days of delivery, your body starts to produce milk. If there is no baby (or pump) to extract the milk, it just sits there and builds up. The result is gi-normous, rock hard, 30 pound sand bags hanging off your chest. And I am not exaggerating. Your husband will most likely LOVE what he sees filling out your now stretched out tee shirt. And if he's a typical man, he will most likely want to grab at your chest. To which you will respond with a swift kick to the groin to relay to him exactly what it feels like when so much as a soft breeze blows by, let alone his heavy man hands grabbing at them. Binding your chest seems like such a medieval method of coping with your painful new figure, so you do the next best thing. You buy so many sports bras that you will never have to worry about Fruit of the Loom or Hanes going out of business. And you wear them every day. For weeks. And being that it's the only thing that presents any kind of relief, you're afraid to stop wearing them.

But the uni-boob look is so not sexy! It took me a while to face it after I had my second child. And even though I knew it, I was still worried about venturing back into the world of underwire. The biggest problem I found when trying on my bras for the first time since giving birth was that none of them fit. So the long, arduous process of shopping for new bras begins.

So why is it so important to ditch the sports bra? Because the one thing that I have learned during my "rediscovery" is that you can't feel sexy when your boobs are bound. And feeling sexy is the fist step towards being sexy.

So if you're to the point where you're ready to ditch the sports bra but aren't quite sure, just remember, there's nothing sexy about the uni-boob.


  1. Amen! I need to add this:
    Nursing does not enhance your "rediscovery" either. Not a single nursing bra on the market can erase that "Betsey the cow" feeling every time you drop-flap-and-latch.

  2. Well, I DID nurse the first one and I STILL got engorged! And I didn't have the luxury of sports bras because I had to maintain "easy access." Ugh. I finally knew what it felt like for my friend after she'd had a boob job. I didn't know boobs could get that rock hard!

  3. What a cute blog! Thanks for commenting over at my place, or I might never have discovered you and your adorable cup-a-cakes.

    I'm afraid I don't have anything to add to the boob discussion (I do HAVE boobs, but not kids). I can tell you I hate sports bras, at least.

  4. Kari - you always manage to crack me up!

    Jennifer - if that's what it feels like after a boob job then i don't know why anyone would want one. ouch!

    JD - i'm glad you found me. i love your blog!


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