It's Not Your Daughter's Sleep Over

It's a Slumber Party.

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In my pre-muffin top days (aka: pre-motherhood) my girlfriends and I would occasionally get together for a Slumber Party. Sometimes as often as once a month. Now, you may or may not be thinking the same thing I did the first time I was invited, which was something along the lines of "I'm not 13 anymore and my husband will think I'm an idiot when I tell him I'm going to a slumber party!". But after it is explained to you and you relay that information to him, he will gladly offer to watch all 18 (if you're the Duggars) of your kids, hand over the check book and take out a home loan and send you on your merry way.

Because this isn't your daughter's sleep over. This is a demonstration party like none other you have been to. It's full of laughter and latex. A Slumber Parties is a direct sales company speciallizing in romance enhancement. They have some of the most wonderful products suitable for any couple. From the mildly curious to the wildly adventurous and everyone in between.

The first time I went to a Slumber Party, I was uneasy and nervous. I wasn't sure what to expect but the demonstrator was classy and respectible. But even still, allI bought a feather tickler and that was pretty much it. When I got home that night my husband said "That's all you got?". About a month later I went to another demonstration at my sister in law's house and remembered Hubby's reaction the last time I came home. So I decided to spice my order up a bit. And it was at that show that I booked my own demonstration.

Well, my show ended up with more than $1,500 in sales which landed me a nice chunk of change to spend on anything in the catalogue. And my demonstrator told me that it was the biggest show she had ever done. I was thrilled!

I went to a total of 5 shows including my own. And then my demonstrator quit. Ugh! It's not like this was your neighborhood Avon lady. This was someone we had built a rapport with. We felt comfortable discussing vibrators and lubricants with her. That's not a conversation I'm willing to have with just anybody. It's very personal. So we haven't had a demonstration in at least 2 years. I'm a little sad about that.

So if you know anyone that you could recommend in the northeast Philadelphia to central New Jersey area that does Slumber Parties demonstrations, please let me know! I want to have another show!!! And so does my sister in law. So there's at least two shows in it for whoever we contact.


  1. You are hilarious! I have man brows right now. It's horrible!

  2. Okay, I will read the rest of the post, but before I do, thank you thank you thank you. I will admit ~clearing throat~ I have resorted to nair in between waxes because I take too long, I hate my muffin top, and you just made me feel less alone. Thank you. You have gained a follower!

  3. I'm SO glad I found your blog - you're awesome!! I definitely will continue reading and stopping by...you've got a talent for words!

  4. Just stopping by from SITS to say hi! Great blog!! Good luck on finding someone new! Have a great holiday weekend, and if you get a chance come over and check out my 5 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS...today's the last day of new listings!


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