This Post Doesn't Have A Title Because I'm Sick and Forgot

In case you weren't aware, I'm sick. I whined about it here where I got a whopping 0 comments stating that my readers were so devastated to learn of my ailing health. And I wrote a clever haiku here with an even clever-er (word?) title to draw readers, which didn't work, that got 0 comments. Blogging fail.

Anyway, I finally dragged my ass to the doctor. I thought it would make for an interesting blog post. Wrong again.

The only thing that was remotely blog worthy could have been my weigh in. Why? The nurse didn't let me take my shoes off. Something about foot fungus or the like. Whatever.

I weighed 154 lbs. But I had my shoes on so it was probably more like 130 lbs.

Diet over. Bring on the bon-bons!

Stay tuned for my post about the fucking morons behind the drive thru pharmacy.


  1. I was going to comment on your haiku but I was too blown away by it's amazingness to comment.

    Shoes are 20 pounds..easy.

  2. I HATE weighing in with my shoes on. If I have socks on, then who freaking cares? Do socks grow foot fungus too or something?

  3. They made you keep your shoes on? Well, how do they expect to get an accurate weight, then? And, I think you need to feed whatever it is that is making you sick because then it will get full of you and wander off to walk off the overfull feeling and you will feel better.


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