It's the Little Things that Make Moms Proud

The Kid out of nowhere turned to me yesterday and said "Mommy, Yankees are yucky!".

As a proud Phillies fan who is still reeling from their loss to the Yankees last year, hearing this from my (almost) three year old son was like music to my ears.

I was so proud! I almost cried. I think Hubby did.


  1. The first thing my parents taught Junior was "Go Yankees!" As a Sox fan, it was almost a smack down.

  2. Did you post that as a fb update? Or twitter? I thought I saw you post that somewhere, and I was all like, what the fucking hell? I'm a yankee. Not a New York Yankee (I am 85% sure that's where they come from), but a yankee from, like, Weescansin. Thanks for clearing that up. I was afraid to ask before, in fear of you really hating cheese heads! Yes!


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