My Closet is Depressing

I organized my closet this weekend because I was so tired of not being able to find any pants that fit me. So I pulled all of my clothes out of my closet and put all my pants on one rack and all my shirts on another. You know what I discovered? I have a shit-ton (my new favorite word, care of Julie at Momspective) of pants. Thirty to be exact. And that doesn't count what's in the laundry room downstairs.

And do you know how many fit me? About five. Yep. Five. You know what that means? I have a shit-ton (there it is again) of pants that I need to squeeze my fat ass into.

So I can either start getting my money's worth out of my gym membershit (yes, I know it's spelled wrong; I did it on purpose), get my poop in a group and join Wii Mommies or invest in a really good girdle. I'm thinking that last one isn't such a good idea.


  1. That's how it started out for me. I had an equal amount of pants (nice use of the - I don't typically do that) and every few months I tried on the 8's until I got my fat (220 lb at biggest) ass on the Wii Fit and lost 60. 10 pounds a month busting my getting regular ass and about 6 or 7 months later my hot ass slid right into those 8's.

  2. I've heard good things about the Wii fit, my Auntie loves it. But I mean a girdle or some spanx will make you feel a little better until you have the motivation to do something! :] I have about 10 pairs of pants and 8 of them don't fit lol I have a few in the next size down and a few more in the next size which finally fit! and then I got pregnant and my whole body has changed. Long comment!

  3. Spanx are the most vile trick played upon man since the wonder bra. Last thing we want to do is get you home and feel like we just banged the side of a can of crescent rolls as we undress you and dough comes flopping out.

    Stop the trickery ladies!

    And Kelly I am going to keep lobbying for a Name/URL option in the comments until you give us one.

  4. I have a Wii Fit. I've used it 3 times. I got it for Christmas of 2008. Then I got the Wii Fit Plus this Christmas. I have yet to use it. How much weight do you need to lose? I need some motivation. I just don't have it. My best friend is way overweight and she doesn't really give a shit so it makes it really hard to resist while she's around. BTW you spelt membership wrong.


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