A Glimpse into the Future

For the most part I can say that my son is potty trained. He was past his third birthday before he started going on the potty, but he does now and that's all that matters. Except for the fact that he won't poop on the potty. If he has to go, he comes to me and asks me to put a diaper on him then heads to his corner to do his business.

Today he went to go poop and got upset because there were too many toys and he couldn't get to his corner. I told him to just go to the other corner. Where is he now? He's standing at his play tool bench with his hands on the bench and his legs spread apart, leaning down like he just got pulled over and is being searched. I can't help but wonder if this is a glimpse into his future.

Could a mother's hopes for a medical degree from Stanford be completely destroyed by the image of her toddler posed for a body search?

I'm going to go have a drink now.


  1. The future is still being shaped as we speak!!!! My eldest did the same thing. I was worried she'd never be able to poo like a normal person. :)

  2. It'll happen! My son had trouble with the #2 too! He used to poop outside! Long story, but he's ok now! ;)

  3. Ha ha! Sorry I could just picture him. Dustyn asks for a diaper when he needs to poop too. Today I was busy with Carsyn and couldn't get him one, so he went and sat on his little potty and pooped! I was so surprised. It was crazy. He is 2 1/2, but not fully potty trained. We are getting there.

  4. takes time. many boys don't poop in the toilet til 4. mine included. they all have their fave spots. I think you might be ready for treats/incentives, IF it's something you want to hurry along.. sticker chart, one on one time etc.


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