I Hate My Hair

But really, who doesn't?

Every time I see a commercial for a shampoo/conditioner that promises fuller, bouncier hair I want to throw something through my television.  And if it weren't for the inevitable divorce that would follow, I probably would have by now.

Why all this animosity towards hair commercials, you're asking?  Cleverly, they are marketing to people like me who have fine, unmanageable hair. OF COURSE we are going to be lured in by the promises of luscious locks! But without fail, I spend the money, wash/rinse/repeat, attempt to style my hair and the end result is the same. Flat, unmanageable, ugly hair. Which always ends up in a pony tail within an hour. After trying everything from salon brands to grocery brands, I'm convinced that every single shampoo/conditioner is exactly the same. They just smell different.

If you have any suggestions that you feel (based on personal experience) would help me in my hair debacle, please let me know.

And to all those companies who have duped me into buying their products, bite me.  That is all.


  1. I have fine hair too and I HATE it.. and the commercials for shampoo. The only thing Ive found that gives it a little fluff is if I highlight it. I think it must be something about stripping the shaft of it ( ooo that sounded dirty )

  2. Oh, honey. If you had a full time hair dresser that spent hours on your hair each morning, you'd have gorgeous, full, bouncy hair, too.

    However, if you're not already doing it, try using a root lifter, then flip & blow dry. It'll help.


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