I Must be Speaking Swahili

How many different ways can I say it?

"Do not throw the ball in the house."

"Do not bounce the ball in the house."

"Do not kick the ball in the house."

"Do not smack the ball with a bat in the house."

"Do not smack the ball with a tennis racket in the house."

"Do not expel any inanimate object from your person with any measurable force or momentum."

Is that clear? Or should I be learning another language in order to communicate with my three year old? Would clicks and squeaks be more effective?


  1. Hey, I had to convince my child that windshield washer fluid wasn't kool-aid the other day.

  2. yeah think the gods must be crazy and try to click and hum. another idea.. take away the ball. Just saying that seemed to work for me. you could try a stop barking collar, but some states have silly laws against this sort of thing.

  3. I feel ya! I JUST got done trying to explain to my 2 y/o "We do NOT draw on the walls" in a ton of different tones, ways, and sentences. BUT guess what I just found. Yep, crayon on the wall. *sigh*
    Found you on Twitter- love your blog!
    @gonabfamus04 if you wanna follow back :o)


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