Random Tuesday Thoughts: The thing about double consonants

Let's get Random, bitches!!!


I started a new job last Friday. The place is freaking amazing. They have a gym, a Wii, a massage therapist (twice a week), a week off between Christmas and New Years, casual Friday every day, people bring their dogs in to work (see photo to the right of me and my boss's yorkie, Cooper), floating holidays, Summer Fridays and a laid back attitude that basically says "As long as you're here when you need to be and you get your shit done, we don't give a shit." I fucking love my job!

The following words are banned from public use until The Kid gets his double consonants figured out:


They usually come out as something different and derogatory.

My dog is not happy about me going back to work. To demonstrate how upset he is, he refuses to let me leave the room without following me close enough to step on the back of my flip flop, he whines when I'm not in the same room as him and when I am, he stands in front of me panting heavily so as to make sure I never forget the sweet aroma of Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon and Sweet Potato Formula.

I had multiple orgasms on Saturday.  More on that tomorrow.  I promise!

I hate it when video games have absurdly long introductions that you can't skip.  I don't really play them but Hubby does and it makes me crazy.

I think I'm getting my blogging mojo back after losing it for about 2 years.  My clue was that I started thinking to myself "I should blog about that".

That's all for my randomness today.  Peace.  I'm out.


  1. My kid says "frog" and it sounds like another four letter F word.

  2. Holy shit you make me giggle. My office had a Wii but it's my living room. I love it. Do yoga in front of your co-workers, you'd be amazed how popular you'll become.

  3. my son said four today and it totally came out WHORE. and he yelled it. At the park. At me. Awkward doesnt quite begin to describe it.


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