Bottoms Up: Chocolate Martini Recipe

I don't like drink recipes that measure ounces because who measures that shit out anyway and it never makes enough.  So I go by parts.  That way if you want one part to be a shot or one part to be a cup, you'll always have the right mixture.

What you'll need:

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (I use original but they have a bunch of different flavors and all of them would work for this recipe.  Just pick the one you like.  Or more.)
Vanilla Vodka (I like Svedka.  It's a little more expensive but you will notice a smoother taste with a higher quality vodka.)
Cream (You can use whatever cream you want but I like mine extra creamy so I use half and half.)
Chocolate Syrup (Again, whatever you like but I prefer Hershey's.  You can also substitute with caramel syrup if you want.)
A Martini Shaker (The bigger the better.  Size matters, girls!  Don't let a man tell you otherwise.)
A Martini Glass (Again, bigger = better.)

Optional Ingredients:

Creme de Cacao (I don't use it.)
Creme de Menthe


Pour the following into your shaker:

1 part vanilla vodka
2 parts Godiva Liqueur
2 parts cream
4 or 5 cubes of ice

Shake vigorously until you get a frothy foam on the top of your mixture.  Line your glass with the syrup of your choice.  Pour your mixture into your glass.  Savor and enjoy!

Optional mixture:

If you want to use the Creme de Cacao, pour two parts into your mixture and shake.

If you want to use the Creme de Menthe, pour one part into your mixture and shake.  This will give you a "Thin Mint" taste that I like to call a Dirty Girl Scout Martini.

Hope you enjoy it!  Just watch out because they go down smooth and will slap you in the face if you drink them too fast.

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