I Ate Shit (And You Can, Too!)

 Did you ever want to send something to someone other than flowers or fruit baskets?  How about you send them some shit.  No, really.  Pooparcels.com has just the shit for you.

I stumbled across this website and HAD to contact them.  This was the PERFECT product for me to feature on my blog!

So what the hell am I talking about?  It's chocolate shit.  Milk chocolate shit and peanut butt-er chocolate shit.  It's the perfect thing to send people when you want to tell them "My mom's the shit!" or "Getting old is shitty!"  Because let's face it.  "Not everyone deserves flowers!"

I was so excited to see my little box arrive in the mail!  I just knew what was inside and I was so anxious to open it!  The inner box was wrapped in what seemed to be a somewhat insulated wrapper to keep it from getting warm and melting.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with the spectacular proclamation, "You're the shit!"  Damn straight, I am!

You can pick whatever salutation you want, or you can write your own.  Of course, there are PG rated salutations as well, but that's just not as much fun.

Now, there is absolutely no better person in the world than my brother to share this with.  He has the same sense of toilet bowl humor as me (pun totally intended!) so I was ecstatic when he called to tell me that he was visiting from North Carolina and would be stopping by tonight.  When I handed my brother the box to show him, my husband said to me:

"Nice, your brother drives all the way up to see you and you give him shit to eat."

Can you tell how grossed out he was?

So I handed him he box and said:

"Here, eat shit."

And he was so reluctant to try it.  Can't you tell? 

His review:

"It doesn't taste like shit."

As for my review, it was delicious!  It was not at all heavy and it wasn't too sweet or rich.  I was really surprised at how good the chocolate was and I immediately wanted more.  But my brother, being the 26 year old bachelor that he is, didn't see anything wrong with EATING ALL MY SHIT!  So I got exactly two bites, hubby got one and my bottomless pit of a brother ate the rest.

Now here's the best part:

You can get your very own shit FOR FREE!  Pooparcels.com is giving away a turd to one lucky reader!  WOOT!  Here's what you have to do to enter:

1. Go to Pooparcels.com and click on "Scatalogical Salutations".  Check out all the salutations and come back here to leave me a comment telling me what you would pick to send along with your turd (of course, if you win you can chose something different if you want to).  *This is required before any other entry will be counted.

2. Follow me and Pooparcels on Twitter and tweet this as many times as you want during the giveaway (leave a comment for each tweet, including the URL):

     RT @MuffinTopMommy Enter #giveaway to #win a #chocolate turd from @Pooparcels.  http://twurl.nl/lya07s Ends 9/30 

3. "Like" Muffin Top Monologues and Poo Parcels on Facebook and post this in your Facebook status as many times as you want during the giveaway (leave a comment for each update, including the URL):

     "Like" Muffin Top Monologues and Poo Parcels and enter to win a free turd! Because not everyone deserves flowers. http://twurl.nl/lya07s Ends 9/30

4. Follow me on Google Friend Connect and leave me a comment that you did.

5. Subscribe through Feedburner and leave a comment that you did.

6. Blog about this giveaway and leave two separate comments that you did, including URL.  This will get you 2 entries!

Entries will be accepted until midnight on 9/30/10. Winner will be drawn on 10/1/10. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond or prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn. Prize will be shipped directly from the sponsor.  Good luck!

*I was provided a sample for my review.  The opinions expressed are my own and free from sponsor influence.


  1. "Congragulations on your little shit". - my wife and I are expecting and this would make our day to receive one of these on or after the day. Great idea. I often think on sending people shit.

  2. I'D love the santa poop to give as an xmas gift!

  3. I just wanna squeeze the shit out of you.

  4. I would go with "Who gives a SHIT! I do!"

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  7. I like......Getting old is Shitty!!! i bookmarked the shop- very funny. would love to win.
    tcogbill at live dot com

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    i follow you and poo on twitter and i tweeted 9/29
    tcogbill at live dot com

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