I Promised You a Post About Multiple Orgasms

So here it is. 

I went to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party on Saturday night.  Oh. Em. Gee.  (I'm somewhat ashamed that I just wrote that but in the interest of dramatic tone, it stays)  It was amazing!  There was so much chocolate to be tasted and it was all absolutely incredible!

You might lose a hand
Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Biscottini... orgasmic!  They are like chocolate covered coffee biscotti.  In mini form.  Meaning, poppable.  Meaning, an hour at my desk at work and they would be gone.  Pair them with a cup of coffee and I'm ready to take on anything you throw my way.  Just don't reach for any or you may come back with a nub.

Orgasmic delicious
Sugar-Free Chocolates... orgasmic!  I know what you're thinking.  Ew.  Right?  No, not ew.  They are delicious!  I mean, orgasmic delicious!  The rep passed around the samples and had us taste them first.  Then she told us that they were sugar-free and you could practically hear everyone gasp!  As a rule I don't usually eat anything that's sugar-free but this was so good that I would have never known unless she told me.

Sex in my mouth!
Chocolate Mousse... orgasmic!  This was the first thing on my order form!  The lady passed around a plate with spoons on it that held a mouthful of mousse.  As she passed it around she mentioned that there weren't enough spoons for everyone (PANIC!!!) but that she had more so she would pass out spoonfuls to people who didn't get one (Whew!  I was starting to worry!).  Well, I was one of the lucky ones because she took a HUGE spoonful and handed it to me.  It was like sex in my mouth (except it tasted better and there was no issue with that pesky gag reflex)!!!  I have to say that it was probably the best chocolate I had ever tasted.  Hands down.  I mean, who needs a husband when you have this shit?  Really?

There was also chocolate fondue with pineapple, strawberries, pretzels and potato chips.  There were chocolate martinis and of course wine.  I had such a good time at the party!  I even booked a party for myself in October (the day before my birthday) so that I could earn free chocolate.  I can't wait!

Oh, then I went home and had sex.  But the chocolate was better.  Just don't tell the hubby.

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  1. I just had to rummage in the kitchen for the chocolate chips. It wasn't the picture you painted above, but when I threw in a spoonful of peanut butter it got the job done. For now anyway. YUM!


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