Random Tuesday Thoughts: The VMA Edition

Let's get random, bitches!


Some random tweets from my Twitter stream while watching the VMA's

I'm pretty sure that Lady Gaga is really just Marilyn Manson in drag. Or not in drag. Or whatever his/her angle is these days. #vma

          I can't stand her (Lady Gaga)! The only pop star I can somewhat tolerate is Katy Perry. Somewhat. #vma

And what the fuck is a Ke$ha? #vma

          Dear MTV, What's up with the psychotic Mickey Mouse? It's scaring me. #vma

And how are you supposed to say Ke$ha? I'm thinking: "keh-dollarsign-hah" No? #vma

          The only "situation" I'm aware of is the severity of your melanoma and premature aging in 5 years. #jerseyshore #vma

I'm convinced that people become "non-conformists" to be cool. Which I'm pretty sure is an oxymoron. Or just a moron. #ladygaga #vma

          What is this chick's name? She's the only performer that I have been impressed with tonight. #vma 
          @MuffinTopMommy Haley from Paramore.
           That's why I like her, LMAO! She's a rocker chick! #vma

And now this chick looks like a dude channeling Madonna circa 1987 #vma

          Oh, those were the days when GNR won Best New Artist.  Now it's a prepubescent teenager who is wearing a toupee. Sigh. #vma

And why is she wearing a fileted cow? #ladygaga #vma

     I'm wondering if Kanye is toasting himself. #vma

YES!!! RT @slpowell: That would kick ass!! RT @jertaybro Taylor Swift needs to interrupt Kanye's stupid song! #vmas

Additionally, although I didn't tweet this, can someone please back me up on this... Jared Leto is still a fine piece of ass!  In fact, I think he looks better now than he did back in the day.  And if you don't know that Jared Leto had a career before 30 Seconds to Mars, get the fuck off my blog.  HAHA!  Just kidding.  (But no, really.)

That's all.  Peace, I'm out!

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  1. Funny tweets! I can't believe I forgot to watch the VMA's this year! I'm a dork. ;)

    RTT: Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma

  2. Hmmm. I guess if I had watched the VAM's it would all make sense. I'm not impressed with Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga or Kanye...so what's the point?

    Looks like you had a good time though.

  3. I love those tweets! And now I feel like I didn't miss anything! It's like I was there...through your tweets! Love the random!

  4. funny! and i agree with most of these. all the cool people are the people who used to be not cool, which makes them cool. and now i'm confused.

  5. How is it possible that I missed all that fun? Although I can't stand Lady Gaga no matter what the time, day or place!


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