Random Tuesday Thoughts:

Let's get random, bitches!


I like the idea of posting random tweets from my Twitter stream, since they all seem to be random thoughts, anyway.  Aside from my consistent of the word "fuck".  That's not so random. 

Why must my children wake up at 6 am EVERY.FUCKING.MORNING?!? #sleepwouldbenice

     I have decided that I am fucking fantastic. It's ok if you're jealous. I understand.

@jangofet #hashtags #are #fucking #awesome!

      @angelynn_ I have 1 under my pillow, 1 on my night stand and 1 hanging next to the toilet paper in the bathroom (don't ask) #lightsabersrock

Funny watching #BoardwalkEmpire, the Hammonton sign still says the same thing!

    @NMSIECK Twitter and a WW Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bar

YAAAAWN! The Kid was up at 4 am puking. I only gagged twice. Fun. Its going to be a multi-cuss word day. Now where's my fucking coffee.

And in the interest of consistency on Random Tuesday, here's a picture of a random piece of man candy.  That hand is looking pretty dangerous!  Thanks, Crystal!!!

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  1. My kid gets up between 6-7 every morning too. It's not so awesome! Over from RTT!

  2. It seems like kids only get sick in the middle of the night! And they will eventually learn to sleep in - but not until they're in their teens unfortunately! Happy Random Tuesday!

  3. I need to start hanging out on Twitter - I'd be constantly entertained! ;)

    RTT: Corn Festival & Princess Zelda

  4. I love the "I am fuckin' fantastic" tweet!!! Me too, girl!! Me too!!! Be jealous, bitches!

  5. Um, I love random pictures of man candy. I'll visit your blog more often for that. Heh heh.

  6. Whoa! That is my favorite picture. Made my whole day. Thanks.

  7. Dark chocolate raspberry ice cream bar?? Where??

  8. yummy...me like man candy.

    alternately, i hate kid puke.

  9. The random twitter comments are fantastic. Would be even more fantastic if I understood twitter...sigh...i'm so technologically retarded I don't know what "Funny watching #BoardwalkEmpire"...
    Can so appreciate the "I have decided that I am fucken fantastic"...I think I need to steal that one...


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