I wonder if I can sue Toys 'R' Us for emotional distress

So... we got the Toys 'R' Us catalog in the mail Tuesday.  Who's bright idea was it to send out HUGE toy catalogs in October?  I mean, really.  October.  So not only is my kid wondering why Christmas isn't TOMORROW, but he's now showing me everything in the catalog that he's going to ask Santa for.  Everything.  Every day.  Multiple times a day.  Not only that, but I get a detailed description of the toy along with an explaination of why he wants the toy.  And if that's not enough, I get a similar explanation in reference to what his cousin will be asking of Santa.

Here's the preliminary list that he gave me as he sat on the floor in the hallway as I sat on the toilet this morning (because apparently this can't wait until Mommy is done peeing):

A Big Foot doll that he calls "Footie". ($89.99)
A Zhu-Zhu Pets race track because apparently he has to race his one and only Zhu-Zhu Pet. ($89.99)
A Follow Me Thomas lantern that the corresponding train will follow when you move it. ($39.99)
Tonka Chuck & Friends Power Playard. ($34.99)
Dance Star Mickey ($59.99)

He has expensive taste in toys, as you can tell.

On a side note: why the hell is there even such thing as a CSI Junior Investigator Kit?  What kind of parent would let their kid watch CSI?  I mean, it's kind of a fucked up show.  Even for me.  Not to mention, should little kids be learning about forensics and facial reconstruction?  Is it normal for kids to learn how to reconstruct a face out of a skull?  Isn't that a little morbid for kids?

"See this skull, kids?  There's no tissue left because it's been decaying in the dessert for months.  And this big hole in the back is from where she was bludgeoned to death.  Now let's see if we can reconstruct her face.  It'll be fun!"

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  1. Our Toys R Us catalog is all mangled from my boys rifling thru it every other minute. They've circled all the toys they want, which is like every other toy. I too was shocked when it arrived before Halloween. And I totally agree that the CSI facial reconstruction kit is a f-ed up toy for a kid!


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