Random Tuesday Thoughts: Blue lips, Sham-WOW! and a shaved vag!

Let's get random, bitches!


The random tweets from my Twitter stream was fun.  So here we go again!

Slept with the windows open last night. It was nice but the kids woke up with blue lips. Whoops! #welcomefall

     @mamakatslosinit Nothing. You find someone you can tolerate being around for extended periods of time and you marry them. ;)

LMAO! RT @angelynn_: Now *that* is a bf RT @geninabug #shitmybestfriendsays 'will you shave my vag before I have my baby'

     Love it!!! RT @lajollamom: @LAStylistMom Yesterday I stopped at the Cabazon outlets. A fab pair of boots jumped in the car with me....

Like Vince? RT @CO2HOG: Too bad we didn’t have a ShamWow to suck the stupid out of people! 

     My kids are normally up at the ass-crack of dawn. The one day I want them up that early and they're both sleeping.

Why am I singing along to the "Real Men of Genius" commercial?

And here's your random Man Candy of the week.  Enjoy!

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  1. MMMm. I love the man candy. Again please?

  2. LOL at some of the tweets! That man candy sure has a nice bottom!!

  3. I have to make sure I'm following you on twitter. You're hanging with the funny people and I want to play. The eye candy is wonderful. I'll be happy all day now:)

  4. More man candy! Your blog is HOT! I love the name and everything :)

  5. Man Candy! Yay! Makes my week.

  6. Sham Wow!!! Why didn't I think of that. It would be a best seller


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