Random Tuesday Thoughts: Peeing, cosmos and a sexy little bitch


Lets get random, bitches!

More goodies from my Twitter stream...

Well hello there, sexy! I haven't seen you in about two years! Oh wait, that's me!

     Home with the kids, wondering if I'll have a chance to sit for more than 3.2 seconds without a kid screaming at me.#wishfulthinking

I have reached the point where the pitter patter of little feet now sounds like a bass drum in my fucking head. #stopstompingthroughthehouse

     Watching the #Rangers stomp on the #Yankees. It's pretty funny.

I'm laying in bed and the kids are in the living room. I really have to pee but if I get up they will see me and start making demands.

     @MariaMelee that would be an awesome law. I propose a similar law, that no toddler should scream at you demanding chocolate milk before 7.

I couldn't hold it anymore. Now I'm in the bathroom with he whole house screaming at me. Yes, I'm tweeting from the bathroom. Get over it.

     I'm thinking of charging admission for tonight's game. If you have Cablevision, come on over to watch the #Phillies. Cover charge is $5.

I'm drunk.

   Someone pour me another cosmo. My buzz is wearing off.

Somehow I managed to spill coffee on myself four times before I even left the parking lot.

   The girls are out shopping while the boys are home napping.

I'm not really sure why I let little things get under my skin. I need to learn to just say "fuck it" and really mean it.

   Hey, #AL #pitchers! If you want to see what REAL pitchers can do, look up #Oswalt in the dictionary! Real men can swing a bat! #Phillies

I am definitely ok with being a "skinny little bitch". I'm ok with being anything as long as it starts with "skinny little".

And here's your random man candy of the week!

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