You might think I'm talking about the dog...

Is there a reason why I have to put up with the begging every time I sit down with some sort of food item?  I mean, I don't think it's too much to ask to have a simple snack without having to fend off the scavengers.  Really, it's annoying.  And she acts like I don't ever feed her.  It doesn't matter what I'm eating.  A banana, a cup of yogurt, chips.  Nothing is off limits.  You would think that I'm talking about an annoying dog sitting at my feet, drooling and whining.  No, it would be my 18 month old Princess.  The second she sees me walk into the room with food, she's on me like flies on shit.  Is it bad that my daughter begs worse than my dogs?

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  1. Ariana does the SAME exact thing. I've learned to tell her no. She needs to realize that everything is not hers too. Not to mention she eats ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally you knew you were talking about your baby girl because mine does that, too and she is only 10 months old lol. Found you at the Bloggy Mommy blog hop for January (http://ineedaplaydate.blogspot.com)


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