The best thing about the Super Bowl is not the commercials

Or the game.  Or the halftime show.

It's the movie trailers!  I'm sure you don't remember my post a couple years ago on "that other blog" when I raved about all the movies that were announced during Super Bowl XLIIV (I think that's it).

This year was just as exciting!  I can't wait for these movies and the first one should be no surprise if you know anything about me.  Seriously, I think I just wet my pants watching it.  The worst part?  I have to wait until freaking July!  But whatever.  It will be worth the wait.  I think I'm going to go watch the other two now.

Now, the entire freaking world knows that I big puffy red heart RDJ.  I mean, is there a more perfect example of hotness?  I think not and any argument otherwise will just bring out my claws.  Because he's delicious.  He has nothing to do with the next movie on my list (or at least very little) but the implication is that there will be a beautiful medley of comic superheroes which will include him.  This movie introduces the first member of The Avengers (third to be introduced in the series of movies leading up to the final product).  Again, July!  WTF?!?  I can only hope that they will continue on with this project and eventually bring everyone together.  Have I mentioned that I love superheroes?

Speaking of superheroes, here's another yummy morsel for The Avengers team. Check out this fine piece of hot man candy ass!  Please, don't even tell me that you wouldn't nibble on some of these muscles!  I only have to wait until May for this one.  I guess it's not that bad.

Hmm... I wonder how we can improve on The Fast and The Furious series of movies.  I mean, does it get any better than Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in fast cars?  Not really.  That is of course, unless you throw Dwayne "Mu Husband Will Get Over It" Johnson into the mix!  Fucking genius!  Best yet?  Only two more months to wait for this one.  April can't come soon enough!

Ok, I need a cold shower.  Have a nice day!

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  1. Ooohh. I love love love the idea of a new fast and furious. Paul Walker is my future ex ex ex husband. Vin Diesel, well...even though he's gay, I'd still do him. And Dwayne Johnson...mmmmmm candy. I'm going in April...and in July....I'm excited.


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