I'm not talking about Twilight, girls!

Earlier this week I posted on Twitter that I had discovered a whole new genre of books that I loved.  Of course, the inevitable question was, "What's the genre?"

The fact that it took me this long to pick one up it shocking to me.  Given that I absolutely LOVE vampire movies (Think Underworld, not Twilight), it hardly makes any sense that I hadn't read a single book about vampires or any other paranormal characters.  That is until my good friend (we were BFF's in grade school before everyone called everybody a BFF!), author of Reading Between the Wines Book Club recommended that I read Darkness Dawns by Diane Duvall.  Now, without getting into a review of the book, I have to say that I loved it!  It had plenty of action (and you all know how I feel about action!), mystery and of course, romance.  And I'm not talking about your teenage Twilight romance.  I mean, real, grown up, passionate, sexy, steamy romance.  Like, if they ever made a movie, it would be rated NC-17.  

Anyway, it only took me two days to finish the book but I am anxiously awaiting the second in the series and will be getting it as soon as it comes out!  If you're interested in the genre (Paranormal Romance, or PNR) but don't know where to start, check out Crystal's blog where she has plenty of reviews and recommendations.  Darkness Dawns was a great place for me to start and I spent a great deal of time scouring her blog for my next book!

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