Random Tuesday Thoughts: Mouth farts, mysterious stains and a wish


Let's get random, bitches!

Ok, slow week on Twitter for me so this is going to be a short one.  The good news is that the time has been relatively well spent.  Classes to get my home daycare started, an invitation to do book review on my friend's super-cool blog, Reading Between the Wines Book Club.  So I have been reading.  And reviewing.  Call it practice.  Look for me over there in a week or so!

The Princess woke up too early. Screaming. Which woke up The Kid. Who is now screaming. Joy.#getmeouttahere

Old Man Winter showing his face just enough to remind us that he's still here and still a dick.#hatesnow

Wishing I was in Orlando right now.

Losing patience with all 6 of my children tonight (2 furs, 1 foster-fur, 2 biologicals and 1 man-child).

The Princess is rubbing my eyes with the back of her hands. I think she knows Mommy is tired. Or she feels bad for waking me up so early!

Icecream + Kindle = Bliss!

The Princess is blowing mouth farts on the table. Fricking hilarious!

"What's on my shirt and how did it get there?" The mysterious question that haunts moms worldwide.

Negativity is a poison. Once you get a dose you need a good antidote to get it out of your system. So don't let it in at all! - Me!

And here's your random man candy of the week!  Stop drooling on your keyboards, girls!

hot guy abs


  1. :Wipes drool: Ahem. I LOVE ice cream. And the Kindle. Yes. Happy Tuesday!

  2. OMG I'm laughing at mouth farts on the table...plenty of drool there too after looking at the man candy. I bet they would sound real juicy. ROFL!!

    Happy RTT!

  3. I had a comment all worked out in my head until the random man candy and now my brain is just full of drool so I'll think up something smart to say on the next post...

  4. Mysterious stains are the order of the day here, too...as are mouth farts. But that eye candy makes everything fade into a hazy blur... ;)

    Mother Nature, Annoying Neighbors, Dino Fun - RTT

  5. Ah, yes... the mystery stain. Especially one where you think: "I don't remember eating anything that color"

    And, oh those delicious, delicious abs.


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