Saturday Searches: A circus, an airport and a muffin suit

It always amuses when I look at the searches that bring people to my blog.  So I thought I would share some of them with you.

monologue and the winner is: It's been a while since I have announced a winner of anything.  Sorry to disappoint you.

"abc is for circus": Yes, it is a circus in this house sometimes!

book muffin top recipe: Sorry, I don't have a book.  Not even a cook book.  But if you want to send me one, I'm cool with that.

bulimia monologue: Maybe I should have titled that post differently.

easy valentine monologue: Who are you calling easy?  Oh, you were talking about making a valentine.  My bad.

fucked up muffin: Yes.  Yes I am.

grandmas little lilly: Great shop on Etsy!  Check her out!

monologues about airports: Don't even get me started on airports!

monologues about toys: What's with people searching for monologues?

muffin suit: HA!  I wish it was a suit!  Then I could just step out and be all "Just kidding!"

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