Saturday Searches: Coupons, orphans and a butch lesbian

Another amusing week of searches!

Bossy Monologue: I love to tell people what to do.  In my head.

Coupon Organizer Review: I do love my coupon organizer!

Deworm Orphans in Somalia for a Year: Wow, I'm on the first page for those search results!  Now that's an accomplishment!

Etsy Coupon Organizer: Still love it!  And apparently a lot of people are looking for one.

Grandmas Little Lilly: Ok, I'm sensing a pattern here.

Miranda Lambert Mud Swiffer: Really.  You can't deny that there was a strong resemblance at the Grammys.  I'm just impressed I made the first page of that search!

Monologue About Bulimia: Again?  I suspect there are a lot of people out there that need help with their eating disorders.

Monologue Mother Bossy: Really?  I didn't think I was that bossy.  But two searches in one week?  Hmm...

Monologue Muffin: Well...

Muffin Top Bitch: According to urbandictionary.com, this is "A butchy, chunky lesbian."  I'm slightly offended.

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