Top ten ways to seduce your man: A Valentine's Day Special!

Not really sure where to start?  Take some (or all) of these tips to get your man ready for a night of much expected anticipated sex seduction this Valentine's Day!

1. Shave.  Yes, hunny, shave.  I know that Old Man Winter doesn't always require smooth legs but I'm pretty sure that you need to make an exception if you want to turn him on.  Unless of course your man is into the whole bush woman thing.  And while you're waving around sharp metal objects, you might want to tackle that bikini line, too.  I'm just saying.

2. Wash your sheets.  Really.  Getting frisky on fresh, clean sheets is sexy.  Doing the nasty on musty, dog-hair-covered sheets, not so much.  Wash them.

3. Keep the kids up.  All day.  No naps = early bedtime.  Deal with the crankiness.  Deal with the temper tantrums.  You'll curse me out around 4:00 but you'll be thanking me around 8:00.  Good luck.

4. Send him a text.  Just one.  Hint (don't flat out say) at something sexy.  When he replies, keep your response G rated.  Keep him guessing and build the anticipation.  The little hint will make him squirm!

5. Don't go crazy on dinner.  Stay in and make something simple.  If you go overboard you'll just make yourself crazy.

6. Do it up.  After you shower, style your hair and put on your make up.  When you think you look good, your man will think so, too.  And if you do it early in the day, you'll build your confidence before your man gets home.

7. Put on some sexy undies.  Even though your seduction is a good 10 hours away, when you're wearing your favorite unmentionables, you'll feel sexier and build your own anticipation for later tonight.

8. Skip the wine.  Make yourself a sexy drink like a chocolate martini or a cosmopolitan.  The switch up will tickle your taste buds and help you get yourself in the mood.

9. Break out the chocolate!  Screw the diet for the day and indulge.  Chocolate is one of the sexiest foods so it's no surprise people give chocolate on Valentine's Day.  So have a few pieces and maybe share them with your man.  Maybe.

10. Slip on some sexy.  This doesn't mean your pajama jeans.  Go for his favorite lingerie. If you really want to have fun with it, put it on under a sexy dress.  This way he's got the whole package, no changing necessary.  And while you're at it, slide on those stilettos, too!

Have fun!

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