Why the Black Eyed Peas didn't really suck (despite what everyone says)

Seriously, "People got me, got me questioning 'Where is the love?'"

I thought the Black Eyed Peas rocked the halftime show last night but for some reason, Twitter blew up with people tearing them apart.  I saw comments from comparing the show to Tron to people saying that Patrick Sawyze was rolling over in his grave.  I thought it was a great show and I could look past a number of things to say that the Black Eyed Peas did a great job.

The sound:
- This performance was NOT in studio.  It's live.  Don't expect it to sound like it does on your iPod.
- This performance was in a stadium that can hold 80,000 people and is expandable to 111,000 with standing room (which is likely given the magnitude of the Super Bowl), not an arena or concert hall, which probably only hold about a quarter of that.
- This performance was in a dome.  Try to imagine the acoustic nightmare when planning a concert in a venue where your sound is going to be bouncing around inside an enormous tin can.
- Television mics can totally KILL your sound!  Going to The View last week showed me just how bad it can be.  When we saw Ricky Martin perform, he was amazing!  When I watched it from home (thanks to The Hub who recorded it for me) he sounded horrendous!  To validate my suspicions, I did see a tweet saying that they saw the show live and they sounded great but watching the recorded broadcast they sounded terrible.

The lights:
- Believe it or not, this performance was for the entertainment of the people in the stadium as well, not just those of us at home, as many would like to believe.  And those people in the nosebleed seats would have a pretty hard time seeing what was going on down on the field without all those costume lights.
- The music video for "Boom, Boom, Pow" had a lot of futuristic lighting so the lighting plan was not just thrown together.  They did happen to incorporate something from their music into the lighting which, unfortunately, not many people have given them credit for.

The collaboration:
- It's a pretty well known fact that halftime show performers often collaborate with other performers during the show.  And it's usually a blend of completely different styles of music.  I, for one, thought that the Slash cameo was incredible and really enjoyed it.
- I'm sure the intention was not to butcher a Patrick Swayze song, but to give tribute to him, which I thought was a wonderful gesture.
- Usher was awesome.  So shut up.

Ok, rant over.  Continue on with your day.


  1. I loved the halftime show! My daughters squealed and danced with me through the whole thing. Hubby asked if we could get on egress as an exercise tape. Seemed the people who hated the BEP's before hated the show and couldn't stop pointing out any little thing that wasn't perfect.

  2. I agree! I thought the HT show rocked. It was not picture perfect, but the kids really enjoyed it and we even did a postgame dance party via Pandora! Thanks!

  3. Tell it girl! I agree with you. :)


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