If only I could give Satan the finger

Remember way back when I wrote this post about how I was laid off from the job that redefined the phrase Hell on Earth?

Well, last week I got a call.  The call.  The one that I never expected.  The one that I promised I would use to laugh in the face of evil.  Yes, I got a call asking me if I would be interested in re-joining Satan (who may or may not look somewhat like the picture to the right) in her attempts to torture humanity (or the 30 or so employees who work for her).  Of course, Satan herself didn't call me, the very nice mortal soul who got sucked into doing her bidding called me.  So my hopes to give Satan the verbal finger were dashed and I had to let him down gently.  That was kind of a buzz kill.  I only wish I could have told her to go fuck herself.  That would have been very gratifying.

And in case you're wondering about my reasons for my disdain for Satan and the Fiery Pits of Hell, check out this post.

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