Random Tuesday Thoughts: Tony Stark, jackhammers and rejection


Let's get random, bitches!

Busy Twitter week for me, partially thanks to the Oscars.  Here we go!

"I'll get REAL Jersey up in this piece!" -Scott Caan

The Princess is out of breath from laughing at the dog chasing his tail! #sofunny

I didn't realize Michelle Williams had done anything since Dawson's Creek #redcarpetmoms #Oscars

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it" -Lena Horne #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

@insomniacmom In my dreams I'm Pepper Potts! #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

Something delicious. And yummy. <3 RT @insomniacmom: Yes, there is just something about RDJr. RT @MuffinTopMommy: Oh Tony Stark! #Oscars

 "YOU get an Oscar! And YOU get an Oscar! And YOU get an Oscar!" -Oprah #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

 LMAO! Doesn't he own a shirt? #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

 That wasn't the Trent Reznor I remember! #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

 Wanted wine and cheese. Have the Chardonnay but I'll have to settle for string cheese. #Oscars #redcarpetmoms

 JF's ass isn't bad in a leotard! #oscars #redcarpetmoms

 The Kid is going crazy because "Tony Stark" is on TV! #oscars

 I would like to observe a moment of silence in memory of my garbage can and recycle buckets who were kidnapped by the wind today. =...(

 Ugh! Gas leak. Jackhammers. Flashing lights. No sleep in my near future...

 Pay attention: Mikey didn't eat anything. That's why they were surprised he liked Life cereal. So, stop calling your human vacuum Mikey. 

I wonder what the best thing was BEFORE sliced bread.

@RBtWBC Oh yes! I usually have a glass when the kids go to bed each night. Sometimes I treat myself to a martini but it's usually wine.

@springraine I was up to 1200 and now I'm down to 1192. Virtual rejection sucks. :(

What?!?  I forgot the random man candy?!?  Well, fuck!  Here you go, please forgive me!
PS. I got this one from my girl, Crystal's blog, Reading Between the Wines.  Check it out (linky in my sidebar)!


  1. Gotta love Twitter..

    Happy RTT!

  2. I'm a sucker for guys in nothing but jeans!


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