Saturday searches: martinis, serial killers and sexy thoughts

You all know how much I love my searches! So here we go.

And the winner is... Monologue - sorry people, no giveaways going on now but if you want want to help me change that, email me!

Chocolate martini recipe - I'm so happy my recipe is helping so many people! Enjoy!

Coffee vs alcohol - I'm still researching this. But don't worry, I plan to dedicate as much time as it takes to find the answer. I will let you know when I reach a conclusion.

Girl with the dragon tattoo - loved the book!

Monologue ke$ha - Don't get me started. I hate her. Who spells their name with a fucking dollar sign anyway? Is she a gangsta rapper? No. Use an S like the rest of the normal people, bitch. I could go on...

Mrs a's coupon organizer review - people are going to think all I blog about is coupon organizers. And who is mrs A?

Raising the dead Mara purnhagen - looks like my book reviews are catching on.

Serial killer/sex addict monologue - if the FBI comes banging down my door because of you people, I'm going to be pissed.

Sexy random thoughts #s 1 - 7 - there are 7 of them? Can someone please share?

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