Then and Now

Remember when. . .

. . .we thought we were young and sexy?

. . .we used to wear thongs all the time?

. . .our shirts barely touched the top of our pants?

. . .we used to do our hair and makeup before we left the house?

. . .our manicured fingers never missed an appointment?

. . .we got a nice, long, relaxing shower?  Every day?

. . .we were sex goddesses?

Now. . .

. . .we are busting our asses every day to get even a glimpse of that cute figure.

. . .we hate the thought of fabric wedging between our ass cheeks.

. . .we're on the hunt for shirts that cover our muffin tops.  And we will find them.  One day.

. . .we have surrendered to the pony tail and Chapstick.

. . .we are lucky to even have nails after all the ass-wiping, nose-wiping, kid-wrangling and hand-washing we do.

. . .we're lucky to even have time to wash our faces and brush our teeth, let along get a full length shower.  What's that smell?

. . .our husbands are lucky we let them look at us, let alone touch us.

Oh, the joys of motherhood!


  1. sigh... I have been thinking a lot about those lately, too :/ As much as I miss the old me I would miss this life more :)

  2. Sad but true, so true. I also blame motherhood for my outie that used to be an innie, my gray hair and the circles under my eyes. Waaaah.

  3. I just can't get over that pic of Brit! LoL
    Yeah, I remember mid-drift tops and low rising pants with my thong peeking out. And being able to use the restroom in peace!
    But I suppose it's all worth it......


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