Leave the rain boots on, baby!

I know it's been forever but for the two people (ok, one person) who still subscribe and wait patiently by their RSS feed, you'll be ok.

So I got these awesome new rain boots (from JustFab, in case you're wondering).  They're super sexy as far as rain boots go.  I mean, I would totally do me if I saw me walking down the street wearing these rain boots.  I'd be all "Hey baby, want some fries to go with that shake?" and I'd be all "Hey yourself" and then I'd be all "Leave the rain boots on, baby!"

Not that I did myself in my rain boots or anything, but you get the idea.

Anyway, it was raining this evening when I went to go pick up pizza for dinner so I threw on my rain boots.  For some reason, The Hub thought I looked ridiculous in black and white houndstooth rain boots with my shorts.  I thought I looked sexy.

When I got home he was all "Oh, you look cute" but not in the "I want to jump your bones right here on the kitchen floor" kind of way.  More like in the "Would you please take off the stupid boots before my penis shrivels up and dies" kind of way.

I thought I looked sexy.  He thought I looked stupid.  Tomato, to-mah-toe.

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